Be 10 Percent Happier This Election Season

A new app provides an outlet to lower your political stress level.


Overwhelmed by election-related ads, tweets, and discussions?

A seasonally appropriate update to the 10% Happier app, these guided meditations led by teachers Sharon Salzberg, Jeff Warren, and JoAnna Harper can help you cope with exposure to media and your changing emotions, and help bring you back to balance.

Yale professors have found that meditation can deactivate the default-mode network, the section of our brains that broods on the past and obsesses about the future.

As Dan Harris explains in his book 10% Happier, meditation is a tool you can use to “train yourself to have compassion rather than aversion as your ‘default setting.’”

Compassion is something we could all use a little more of — especially during the heat of an election campaign.

Check out these additional strategies for lowering your political stress level.

Heidi Wachter is an Experience Life staff writer.

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