Badger Lip Balm

Because the cosmetics industry doesn’t regulate the use of the terms “organic” and “natural,” pretty much any body-care product can use those labels. Still, the USDA bestows its little green organic seal only on products whose ingredients have passed third-party examination – and you’ll notice, if you start looking, that there aren’t many little green seals in the body-care product aisle. For that reason and more, we’re only too happy to find this certified organic lip balm – not only because of its pristine ingredient profile, but because it works! Creamy fair-trade cocoa butter is combined with olive oil and beeswax to create a deeply hydrating treat for lips, and the chocolatey flavor of the cocoa butter is very easy on the taste buds. All eight ingredients are certified organic, and the simplicity of this and other Badger Balm products is a welcome relief to allergy sufferers who have a hard time finding safe skincare products. 

Find these balms at your local natural grocery for about $5 a tube (they’re in slightly larger tubes than normal balms, to save on packaging). Learn more about the lofty health standards of this little New Hampshire company at

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