Aura Cacia Body Cream

For scent-lovers who lament the quick olfactory fade of their favorite natural lotions, these rich aromatherapy creams will keep your skin soft and fragrant for hours, forgoing the need for any additional perfume or scent.

What we like best is the fact that their luxurious potency comes from pure essential oils instead of icky synthetics, which typically get their staying power from hormone-disrupting phthalates, those nasty little plasticizing agents that adhere scent to your skin. The ginger-mint cream is a tingly summer treat; the smell of the fresh lavender cream is a great brain soother any time of year; and the patchouli–sweet orange comes off citrusy and clean, not incense-drenched. We also find the easy access tub to be a welcome relief from greasy-handed struggles with bottle tops and pumps that squirt lotion all over the contents of your gym bag. Aura Cacia products are available at most natural groceries or from About $11.25 for an 8-ounce jar.

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