Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Sunscreen

To protect your skin, look for a sunscreen free from potentially hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Springtime is no time to stay inside, not when a delightful dose of long-awaited sunshine and vitamin D is waiting outside the door. To protect your skin during bouts of prolonged sun exposure, you need a healthy sunscreen – one that isn’t packed with the potential hormone-disrupting chemicals, like benzophenone, that are found in most commercial versions. This herbal sunscreen from Aubrey Organics is made with titanium dioxide, so it deflects the sunlight from the skin instead of absorbing it, and the slight white sheen means this sun deflector stays at the skin’s surface instead of being absorbed by internal organs. Green tea gives added protection from free-radical damage, and jojoba oil and shea butter keep skin nice and soft. Great for kiddos and for adults with sensitive skin, this one is even clean and simple enough to use on the face without the risk of a breakout.

About $8 a tube at your natural market, or order from

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