LIFE, UNEDITED: An Inside Look at Experience Life

What does the life and work of a health, fitness, and wellness team look like? Find out in our new team blog.

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Welcome to our team blog, Life, Unedited.

As readers of Experience Life magazine, you may already be familiar with us and our content. If you are new to our world, we’re glad you found us! We are an eclectic group of smart, creative individuals who each bring unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to the table (ever wonder where we get some of our story ideas?).

This blog represents our desire to share with you, our loyal readers, what’s really going on behind the scenes here at Experience Life, and in our own lives, as we explore the realities and joys of healthy living.

We’ll cover what we’re working on (including sneak peeks at future articles, covers, and issues), what we’re struggling with, what we’re celebrating, and what we’re truly interested in as individuals who are striving to live healthy, happy lives just like you.

We invite you to check back often. We’ll be here at least two times a week to talk with you. We hope you enjoy reading more from us, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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