All Terrain Recovery Rub

Next time your fitness regimen leaves you stiff and sore, give your aching joints and hot spots the circulatory support they need with this all-natural, paraben-free balm.

Recovery Rub topical cream contains tingly menthol (you can feel it stimulating blood flow) and arnica — an inflammation-reducing herb long touted for its soothing effect. For an extra helping of “aaahh,” try this rub on sore feet at the  end of a long day — or a long run. A nice bonus: All Terrain is an environmentally conscious company that uses recycled and recyclable material in all its packaging and is tracking toward a “net-zero consumption model.” Buy a 3-ounce tube for about $10 at your local natural grocery.  Visit www.allterrainco.comto order this and other natural remedies, and to learn more about the company’s vision for a sustainable business model.

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