Acupressure DIY

Trying acupressure on yourself? Here are four tips to keep in mind.

A person tries acupressure on their hand

The beauty of acupressure is that it is something you can do for yourself anytime and anywhere. Acupressure is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment, especially for a serious condition, but it is worth exploring as a supplement to other treatments. And it’s always available in a pinch.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when giving yourself or someone else acupressure:

  1. Use your middle finger (with your index and ring fingers lending support on either side) to press into the point firmly for two to three minutes. In some instances, the location of the point makes it easier to use the thumb or even a knuckle.
  2. If you’re practicing on yourself, you may notice that some points are more sensitive than others. That’s normal. Adjust the pressure until it is strong but not painful.  If you are doing it on someone else, ask how the pressure feels. Remember, pain halts the flow of energy.
  3.  Apply slow, firm pressure on the point at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Apply and release pressure gradually to allow the tissues time to respond.

This originally appeared in “Find Your Pressure Points” in the April 2014 issue of Experience Life.

is an Experience Life contributing editor.

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