Celebratory Cinco de Mayo Recipes: A Latin-Inspired Roundup

Celebrating Mexico’s unlikely victory in the 1862 Battle of Puebla has become an excuse to party north of the border. Planning a Cinco de Mayo get-together of your own? Don’t miss our roundup of healthy Latin-inspired recipes.

Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Ceviche

Pork Loin With Mole Verde

  • Serve this traditional piquant dish over brown rice or with sprouted tortillas.


Quick Chicken Mole

  • Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce that has many variations and usually takes hours to cook. This adaptation is quicker but still silky and flavorful.



Pork Carnitas

  • Carnitas — braised or roasted pork that is shredded — is a staple of Mexican cuisine and great to have on hand for eating in tacos and tamales or with rice and beans.

Mexican Fruit “Gazpacho” Salad

  • Recipe from Jeanne Kelley’s Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes.



Grilled Fish Tacos With Cilantro and Lime Coleslaw

  • Recipe from Jeanne Kelley’s Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes.



Spanish Shrimp & Orange Olive Salad

  • Recipe excerpted from Simply Salads by Jennifer Chandler (Thomas Nelson, 2007).


Mango Salsa

  • A sumptuous, tropical delight that’s rich in antioxidants and sweetly refreshing.



Cilantro Soup

  • Recipe excerpted from Latin Chic: Entertaining With Style and Sass.


Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche

  • To host your perfect fun-in-the-sun fiesta all you need are finesse and a few fabulous details, Latin-style.



Roasted Mayan-Style Whole Fish With Salsa Verde and Pickled Onions

  • A terrific approach to grilling fish is to use a rub or marinade followed up at the table with a great, healthy sauce. Use salsa and onion, along with fresh warm corn tortillas for dipping and wrapping.



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