4 Ways to Be a Good Water Citizen

Simple tips to help you break the bottled-water habit and protect our groundwater.

ways to conserve water

• Invest in a portable glass or stainless-steel water bottle that you’ll enjoy using throughout the day, and take advantage of the increasing number of water filtration stations in airports, health clubs, gyms, and sports stadiums.

• Buy a home water-filtration system. This commitment can be as modest as a $20 carbon filter (see “How to Choose a Water Filter”). Encourage your employer to install a water filter.

• Educate yourself about water issues in your area, and alert your local and national lawmakers about them.

• Support increased EPA regulation of water sources, especially ones that eliminate loophole chemicals like those related to farming and fracking, to keep our water clean.

This originally appeared as “Be a Good Water Citizen” in “Truth on Tap” in the June 2017 issue of Experience Life.

is an Experience Life senior editor.

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