4 Art Parks to See

Art parks and sculpture gardens invite you to get into nature and move your body while enjoying their remarkable collections. Here are four to visit.

Sculpture gardens.

Heading out on a trip and seeking a unique combination of nature and culture? Looking for a way to get outside and experience something new close to home? Whether it’s an art park, sculpture park, sculpture garden, or outdoor museum, you might be surprised by how much there is to discover.

Artists have created works for outdoor spaces — both sacred and public — since antiquity, but art parks are a relatively recent addition to the U.S. landscape. South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens boasts the nation’s oldest public “sculpture garden,” dating to 1931. Since then, public and private art parks have become common sights in cities, small towns, and rural locales.

Many of these spaces, including those highlighted here, not only present novel and unintimidating opportunities to encounter art from around the world or around the corner, they also offer an active encounter with local flora and fauna.

is editor in chief of Public Art Review.

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