365 Everyday Value Carved Baby Carrots

You’ve probably figured out by now that most baby carrots are not really babies at all, but carved chunks of much larger carrots.

This is a little like calling a quarter of an apple a “baby apple.” By contrast, these petite carrots from Whole Foods’ 365 house brand are exactly what they seem to be: small, carefully carved, whole carrots. The little green stems on the ends demonstrate that each one is indeed a fully formed, intact vegetable that’s simply been washed and peeled. We like these nutrition-packed wonders not just because they are both adorable and dignified, but because their ready-to-go state makes them a breeze to include in just about any meal or snack. Dip them into hummus, split them down the center for an elegant sauté, or (our favorite) dress them in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roast them in the oven. Maximum results and minimum effort — what’s not to love? About $5, exclusively at Whole Foods.

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