Is the Pandemic Fueling Drug Addiction?

11 hours ago
Courtney Helgoe

Substance use is surging during the COVID-19 pandemic. We talked to a therapist and addiction counselor about how we can…

Is Butter Good for Us — or Not?

Everything is better with butter — but is butter healthy or not? We talked to some integrative-health experts to find…

1 day ago

My New Year’s Resolution? Be Myself.

Moving past aesthetic goals during resolution season is possible, if you explore what true happiness means to you.

2 days ago


Eight out of 10 American seniors take at least two prescription drugs daily, a fate I’ve been determined to avoid.…

2 days ago

How to Do the Ultra Fit Workout at Home

Put your agility, balance, and coordination to the test with this intense 30-minute functional-fitness routine.

4 days ago

How to Stop Doomscrolling

We all do it, especially in these trying times. Here are four tips to stop doomscrolling — and improve your…

1 week ago

Exercising After a C-Section

Figuring out when and how to start exercising after having a baby is tricky — especially if you’re recovering from…

1 week ago

Michael Mackie’s Success Story

After gaining weight and struggling with health issues, one man decided to avoid sugar for a year — and experienced…

1 week ago

PUMPING IRONY: Crisis Competence

The pandemic persists, but evidence is accumulating that the elderly are coping with its challenges much more successfully than you…

1 week ago

How to Return to Work After a Furlough

Returning to your job after a furlough is likely to raise some complicated emotions. This expert advice can help you…

1 week ago

The Sober-Curious Movement

Even if you don't want to give up drinking entirely, reexamining your relationship to alcohol can have big benefits for…

1 week ago

How to Build a Protein Shake

This template can help you create a nutritious, tasty shake that'll keep you satisfied and energized.

2 weeks ago

Blue Zones Founder Dan Buettner Shares 5 Tips for Longevity

Looking for the secrets to a longer and happier life? Read this.

2 weeks ago

Crystal Clear

A manifesto for change.

2 weeks ago

The End of Fear

Psychotherapist Richard Schaub shares insights from his groundbreaking work on how we can acknowledge our vulnerability, build our courage, and…

2 weeks ago

PUMPING IRONY: A Real No-Brainer

Recent research suggests that geezers like me need to get out and socialize more in order to prevent dementia, but…

2 weeks ago

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system is essential for health — in the face of a pandemic or otherwise. Learn how to…

2 weeks ago

The Perfect Warm-Up

Crank out this cutting-edge, all-purpose body-priming routine in 10 minutes flat.

3 weeks ago

COMING CLEAN: The Season of Light and Dark

Our managing editor on how to bring joy to your winter life.

3 weeks ago

5 Tips to Cultivate Empathy

Practicing empathy is an essential step to resolving conflict and developing meaningful relationships. Here are five ways to activate empathy.

3 weeks ago

Plant-Based Comfort Foods

With a few easy substitutions, your favorite dishes can still be cozy, satisfying — and nutritious.

3 weeks ago