2019 Editorial Calendar

The Experience Life editorial calendar is subject to change. If you wish to pitch article ideas to the editorial team, please keep in mind that we typically begin planning issues six to seven months in advance of the publish date.

January/February “Raise the Bar

Reaching your personal best requires wisdom and guidance to avoid setbacks. Get the tools and the inspiration you need to reach new heights in 2019.

March “Healthy Work

Discover self-care strategies that can transform the 9-to-5 into a more mean- ingful, rewarding part of your day. Plus, explore ways to make your time outside of work more relaxing and fulfilling.

April “Think Big, Start Small” 

Big-picture thinking is essential for goal setting, but it’s often the tiny efforts and successes that truly move you forward. Learn how small changes can have a big impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

May “The Food Issue” 

Food is a basic necessity for overall health, yet maintaining good nutrition in a society where processed foods abound is tough. Find out how you can make healthy-eating choices the norm in spite of the challenges.

June “Take a Chance” 

It’s easy to fall into routines that feel safe and comfortable, but complacency will take you only so far. Explore ways to move outside your comfort zone — in the gym, the kitchen, the great outdoors, and everywhere else.

July/August “Unplug” 

The fast pace of daily life extends right into summer, the time of year when we want freedom and relaxation to reign. Reclaim these glorious days by slowing down, unplugging, and making joy a priority.

September “Get Creative” 

Settling back into the schedule of fall doesn’t mean your days need to be routine. Instead, find creative ways to make variety, fun, and exploration central parts of your daily life.

October “Take the Long View” 

We live in an age when short-term tactics often take precedence over more enduring strategies. Discover the power and wisdom of a deeper, more optimistic approach to the challenges we face.

November “Finding Purpose” 

Research shows that living with meaning and purpose matter more than happiness when it comes to real fulfillment. Learn how to identify the values and experiences that can help you lead your most satisfying life.

December “Reasons to Celebrate” 

Take some time to recognize all you’ve accomplished this year. Obstacles and all, you’ve learned a lot along the way way — and that’s worth celebrating in this season of connection and reflection.

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