Month: April 2020

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How to Build Mental Resilience During Difficult Times

Resilience is our capacity to overcome and recover from difficult times — and we’re definitely in one of those right now. In this week’s episode, Jen Elmquist, MA, LMFT, director and co-creator of Life Time Mind, shares ways to protect your mind and body, as well as some simple mental exercises you can do if you feel overwhelmed with stress or worry.

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Coach Anika’s Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Home

A lot of people are struggling to maintain their healthy eating habits while at home, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Our guest, Life Time registered dietitian Anika Christ — a.k.a. Coach Anika — offers straightforward, practical tips that can make healthy eating a little easier, as well as some mindfulness practices to help shift our mindsets as we navigate these obstacles and make healthy eating choices despite them.

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Making the Most of Your At-Home Workouts

Just because we’re more confined to our homes right now doesn’t mean we can’t prioritize our fitness. We have the opportunity to form new habits or adjust our routines to reap new benefits by trying new things. In this episode, Danny King, national manager of team development at Life Time and personal trainer, offers his advice for maximizing your at-home workouts — no matter your starting point.