Month: December 2011

Lessons From a Life Coach

Looking to make some positive changes in your life? Certified professional life coach Kate Larsen shows you how. Apply her four-step system to your personal and career goals — and prepare to discover some interesting things about yourself in the process.

- Beauty -

Beauty Makeover

While conventional personal-care products still contain plenty of less-than-lovely ingredients, a growing number of companies are putting on a fresher, cleaner face.

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: Welcome Winter

Two of my three brothers have fled the Great North Country already this fall — one to the Gulf Coast of Florida, the other to the desert of Arizona — and the other one will be heading to the Sunshine State in his RV in less than a month. All in a feverish attempt to avoid our four-month adventure called winter. I'm not the most compassionate guy in the room, but I gotta say I feel sorry for them.

- Sports/Recreation -

Training in the Dark

Our most recent training video (I’m the third skier) Five a.m. wake-up calls are becoming familiar to me lately. The funny thing is that I am not a morning person, and the only time I’ve been known to get up that early is for a colonoscopy or to ski the American Birkebiener each February. But... Read more »