Month: July 2011

- Stress Relief -

Are We There Yet?

The Practice: Relax, you’ve arrived. Why? We spend so much of our time trying to get somewhere. Part of this comes from our biological nature. To survive, animals — including us — have to be goal-directed, leaning into the future. It’s certainly healthy to pursue wholesome aims, like paying the rent on time, raising children... Read more »

- Environmental Health -

Deep Wells of Concern

One of my editorial tasks at Experience Life is to find and review links to share on the social media outlets. Most of the stuff I find is pretty dull, poorly written, we’ve already covered it or it’s not quite the right fit for our informed healthy revolutionaries. Often I find things that make... Read more »

- Pumping Irony -


Well, the walls are built, the patio is expanded, and I'm back in the office today grateful for the opportunity to sit on my duff for a few hours and recover from the weekend's work. I love puttering around the house, but I gotta build in some time to recuperate.

- Community -

Four Happy Places

For as little as these locations have in common, they share one delightful trait: Their residents rate among the happiest in the world. Find out what they know, and what they can teach the rest of us, about living well.