Month: May 2011

September Fitness Shoot Fun

Experience Life‘s fitness shoots include a fair bit of playing around. In the shot above — the last of the day for a September article about personal training — art director Lydia (the redhead) and I (far left) jumped in to offer hot models Denishia Jackson and Michael Smith some direction. They may not have needed it... Read more »

- Coming Clean -


This month has been all about managing my emotional health. After my grandmother passed away two weeks ago, I’ve been doing my best to be present and allow myself to experience my feelings. Historically, whenever I’ve been challenged with anything too real or too upsetting, I’ve immersed myself in work as a distraction. The busier... Read more »

- Sports/Recreation -

I Hate Exercise

OK, it’s not really exercise I hate. But, I’ve had to overcome some skewed ideas about it. I like my first memories of motion — the ones where my mom would say “go outside and play” that include tag and jump rope with friends and games of catch with my older sisters. As I grew... Read more »

- Nutrition -

Sugar Shock

The average American now consumes some 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. And our sweet tooth isn’t just making us fat - it’s triggering all kinds of inflammation, fueling chronic diseases and even increasing our risks of cancer.