Month: November 2008

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: Partial Vindication

Three items to report on this glorious autumn morning (blue sky, a wisp of a breeze from the west, 33 degrees), two of which vindicate my urban walkophile-ness: 1. I couldn’t help but notice while I ambled, capless, along my route this morning that the three bicyclists (pedal-philes?) I encountered were bundled up against the... Read more »

- Pumping Irony -


Motivation is a mysterious phenomenon. After a pretty sedentary week (a little commuter cycling, no lifting), this morning I climbed out of bed, unfolded my exercise/meditation mat and slid inexplicably back into my routine: a few sun salutations and other pretend yoga poses, some stretching, 30 push-ups, a little zazen.

- Personal Development -

Nighttime Revival

I step outside into the cold night air and look up at the stars, thinking about the countless generations of ancestors who’ve done the same — some of them sleepless with worry, perhaps, but more of them called by the mystery and beauty of the night sky to look up, to notice, to feel lucky to be in this particular place and time, and to feel the wonder of being alive.

- Family/Friends -

Simple Celebrations

With all the scheduling and traveling, errands, and obligations, the holidays can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to simplify your season of celebration - and rediscover the peaceful soul of the season.