Month: February 2008

- Pumping Irony -


I’m learning more about how the muscles in my body work, which is a good thing, since a lot of them are still sore today from my Wednesday workout. The most surprising news? It’s the period between workouts when your muscles really develop. Indeed, according to Fernando Pages Ruiz in this July/August 2003 story in... Read more »

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: The Cardio Conundrum

After about a 10-day hiatus, I'm finally feeling back in the swing of things. Winter is (very, very gradually) turning into spring, so I've been able to resume my walking commute, and last night I hit the gym for the first time in what feels this morning like a long, long time (I'm a little sore).

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: Backsliding

A nasty cold/flu bug has put me off my game this past week, plus it’s been too cold for my normal walking commute, so I’m beginning to feel a little out of sorts, fitness-wise. It’s fascinating to see how easily I can develop inertia, how the gym gradually loses its familiar tug after work. I’m... Read more »