101 Way: 30. Approache ADA Guidelines with a Healthy Dose of Doubt

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A Study in Confusion

For years, sophisticated consumers have relied on the latest clinical trials to guide their health choices, but exactly how reliable are these studies? If you're depending solely on scientific evidence for your health solutions, your assumptions about what's right might well be wrong.

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Hormonally Challenged Milk?

Dairy-industry growth hormones boost milk production, but raise questions - like, what if they wind up in the milk we drink? Here's what you should know about the research into possible risks, including early-onset puberty and antibiotic resistance.

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Delving into Diets

They're hard to follow and easy to hate. Research suggests that most diets backfire in the long run, and some can even be hazardous to your health. Yet for some people, diets deliver decent results. So what gives? We explore what really makes diets effective when they do work — and what's to blame when they don't.