Behind the Scenes with Christian Ponder

Behind the Scenes With Christian Ponder (Video)

Go behind the scenes at our September cover shoot with the NFL quarterback. …continued


Salad Tools (Slideshow)

Salads are a great addition to any meal. Use these great tools to make your prepping a…continued


Healthy Salad Dressings (Slideshow)

Use these healthy dressings to create tasty salads all summer long.…continued


Water Bottles We Love (Slideshow)

Quench your thirst this summer in style with these fantastic water bottles.…continued


Show Me How: The Under-the-Hurdle Drill (Video)

Looking for a quick, do-anywhere, covers-it-all warm-up exercise? Try the Under-the-Hurdle…continued


Show Me How: Medicine-Ball Slam (Video)

Boost your mood and metabolism with this fast-paced exercise.…continued


Quick & Easy Sweet Beets (Slideshow)

Six simple ways to prepare (and enjoy!) beets.…continued


Behind the Scenes With Leila Janah (Video)

Entrepreneur Leila Janah is on a mission to end global poverty. Here, she shares how her…continued


The Top GMO Crops to Avoid (Slideshow)

Discover the genetically modified crops that are in many foods. …continued


Behind the Scenes With Survivorman Les Stroud (Video)

The host of the popular Discovery Channel show discusses his love of nature — and how we…continued


Bok Choy, Quick and Easy (Slideshow)

Try these six easy ways to enjoy this exotic vegetable.…continued

Little Fish

Simple Recipes for Little Fish (Slideshow)

Six simple, savory, elegant ways to enjoy small fish. …continued


A Short History of Sweeteners (Slideshow)

Learn the history behind the development of stevia and other sweeteners.…continued


Going Glamping (Slideshow)

Glamping is a great way to spend time outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home.…continued

alli mckee warm-up video

The All-Purpose Warm-Up (Video)

Looking for a dynamic warm-up you can do before any workout, game or competition? All you…continued

daryia pino rose video

Behind the Scenes With Darya Pino Rose (Video)

The healthy-eating expert and blogger talks about the relationship between healthy eating…continued


Hip Flexor Stretch With Susan Bianchi (Video)

Susan Bianchi, a Ki-Hara resistance-stretching instructor, demonstrates how to strengthen…continued

ricky rubio

Behind the Scenes With Ricky Rubio (Video)

Go behind the scenes at the March cover shoot with NBA point guard Ricky Rubio.…continued

show me how: preserving lemons

Confident Cook: Preserving Lemons (Video)

That Food Girl Betsy Nelson shows senior editor Jamie Martin how to preserve lemons.…continued

one-sided workout video

The One-Sided Strength Workout (Video)

Challenge your strength with one-sided exercises that provide whole-body benefits.…continued

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