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The Metabolic Resistance-Training Workout (Video)

To lose weight, lift weight! Use this program to build muscle, boost your metabolism and burn fat fast.

Skip the nonstop cardio sessions and lift weight to lose weight with metabolic resistance training. This program, developed by expert trainer Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, co-owner of Results Fitness in Newhall, Calif., and coauthor of The New Rules of Lifting for Life (Avery, 2012), uses challenging weights in a circuit-style workout. Keep your weights heavy and your rest periods short, and you’ll soon turn your metabolism into a fat-burning furnace.

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4 Comment to The Metabolic Resistance-Training Workout (Video)

  • kateibanez says:

    I`ve been following your routines for the past 6mths, my shape has changed completely. Thanks for the metabolic resistance training workouts !

  • Beeah says:

    I did this for 2 months last year and got the best result ever l lost 20# and got some nice muscle tone. Boy the Cosgrove know their stuff

  • Richard says:

    MRT workouts are indeed awesome for a few reasons:

    1. They save you a lot of time because your workouts are shorter.

    2. You get a bit metabolic boost from them.

    3. You burn a lot of calories, much more than with other training methods.

    All in all, this is THE way to train.

    • Steven Osborne says:

      Is a leader in this field and has given the participants of health and fitness field a lot to provide their clientele with in regards of solid tested information that helps people tweak their prescription to maximize the results obtained. He is a very respected leader who is willing to give much to us all in the form of providing an opportunity to be the best we all desire to be.

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