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Water Bottles We Love (Slideshow)

Quench your thirst this summer in style with these fantastic water bottles.

  • Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Unlike plastic or aluminum bottles, stainless steel contains no harmful byproducts that can leach into your water. These high-grade bottles have a simple, elegant design featuring only nontoxic exterior paints. They come in a range of sizes that fit into standard bike bottle cages and running belts.($18–$25) www.kleankanteen.com

  • Beverage Bottle from Bamboo Bottle Company

    Beverage Bottle from Bamboo Bottle Company

    Thanks to a temperature and flavor-resistant glass interior, this elegant bottle from Bamboo Bottle Company makes a fine vessel for your morning tea or coffee and a great afternoon decanter. The ultra-sustainable bamboo shell insulates and protects. $25 at www.bamboobottleco.com.

  • KOR ONE Water Bottle

    KOR ONE Water Bottle

    This elegant water bottle can inspire you to stay hydrated throughout the day. KOR ONE created these lovely BPA-free bottles to help you resist the temptation of disposable ones — part of their mission to increase the appreciation of our shared water resources. And we think the customizable affirmations you see each time you flip the lid are a truly inspired touch. $29.95 at www.korwater.com.

  • Zing Anything Glass and Metal Water Bottles

    Zing Anything Glass and Metal Water Bottles

    These glass and metal bottles from Zing Anything let you infuse water with real whole foods, not “flavorings.” Enjoy your water with the fresh taste of lemons, cucumbers or mint. $26 at www.zinganything.com.

  • Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

    Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

    Glass sidesteps the issue of leached chemicals in your drinks, and these multiuse bottles are stylish and resource-savvy. Made from clear soda lime glass and coated with a silicone sleeve, they’re more likely to bounce than break. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes or tea bags — and a cinch to wash. Available at www.mightynest.com or www.lifefactory.com, $12 to $22.

  • The ALEX Bottle: Stainless Steel

    The ALEX Bottle: Stainless Steel

    What’s more, it unscrews at the top and in the middle, so cleanup is a total cinch — even for smoothies and protein drinks. Fits comfortably in most car cup holders, which means taking your breakfast to go just got easier. Prices start at $26 from www.alexbottle.com.

  • Takeya Glass Water Bottles

    Takeya Glass Water Bottles

    Sleek, silicone-protected and leakproof, Takeya glass water bottles keep water tasting fresh — and help you avoid the dangers of BPAs leached from plastic. Keeping all those disposable bottles out of landfills is pretty refreshing, too. In 16-, 18- and 22-ounce sizes. $18–$20 from www.takeyausa.com.

  • Cora Carafe from CB2

    Cora Carafe from CB2

    Here’s an elegant and easy way to remind yourself to drink more water or kick the plastic-bottle habit. The top on this handblown glass carafe from CB2 doubles as a drinking tumbler. Ideal for bedside, desk or deck. The Cora Carafe is $10 at CB2. www.cb2.com

  • Enviro Products Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Enviro Products Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Whether you’re trying to cut down on plastic waste or avoid the toxins that your PVC bottle can leach, this stainless-steel liter bottle is a solid choice. It fits in standard bike cages and has a convenient pop-top and wide mouth for easy cleaning. ($16) www.enviroproductsinc.com

  • Thanks for viewing our slideshow!

    Thanks for viewing our slideshow!

    For why proper hydration is key to good health, check out Drink to Your Health from the June 2010 issue.

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