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Quick & Easy Brussels Sprouts (Slideshow)

Try these 5 easy ways to prepare Brussels sprouts.

  • Raw


    Separate sprouts into individual leaves and toss with a light vinaigrette. The leaves are also great to use as the greens in warm or “wilted” salads. Shred raw sprouts to make a nice slaw or salad.

  • Sauté


    Brussels sprouts can be sautéed for a quick side dish and are delicious when cooked with bacon or pancetta, or when sautéed in butter and tossed with chopped pecans or hazelnuts and a little orange or lemon zest.

  • Roast


    Brussels sprouts can be roasted whole, halved, quartered, in individual leaves, or shredded. Try roasting them with coconut oil and cumin seeds for an Indian flavor, or with extra-virgin olive oil and then served with a sprinkle of lemon zest and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Roasting time will vary depending on how the sprouts are cut, but, in general, you can roast at 400-to 450-degree F.

  • Grill


    Toss halved sprouts with a little extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper, then grill until just tender.

  • Braise


    For more tender sprouts, sauté first and then add liquid, such as chicken stock or white wine, cover, and braise for about five to seven minutes. This technique melds the flavors in a soulful way.

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