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An Ambassador Weekend

In case you’re not familiar with our community ambassador program, last summer we chose six people from our social media networks to help promote the magazine and spread the healthy-living word. In truth, these people (and many others) were already doing these things; we just wanted a way to affiliate their sharing with the magazine and hopefully partner with them in different ways in the future.

I was lucky enough to be on the committee that chose these ambassadors for our pilot program and have worked with them in different ways over the last six months, including sending advance copies of the magazine for preview, video chats, sponsoring subscription giveaways and more.

These two men and four women are an amazing group of people doing some really big things in their respective areas. And, while it’s been a pleasure to meet these people through email, phone and Skype conversations, you have to admit that still, in this day and age, nothing beats a face-to-face encounter.

I have already had the opportunity to meet two of our ambassadors who have Minnesota connections in person: Jill Grunewald lives right here in the Twin Cities and has stopped by the office, and Sarah Kay Hoffman, who lives in California but is originally from Minnesota, has met several of us for coffee when in town visiting in family.

Then, this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two more of these fantastic people — it was pure coincidence that they were both in town on the same weekend.

First, Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl (@melicious11) stopped by the office with her husband, David, on Friday afternoon to say hi. The two had been in Brainerd, Minn., to check out the first traditional printing of Melissa’s Paleo Cookbook, Well Fed (look for an upcoming giveaway of her book on our site). Once freelance editor, Dave Schimke, found out they live in Austin, Tex., a huge discussion on world-famous BBQ joints in that part of the country ensued, and fun (not to mention hunger pains) was had by all!

Then, on Friday, a few hours before Melissa showed up at the office, I got an email from Chris Dempsey (@dempseypost) saying that he would be flying in to Minneapolis on Saturday. Chris is a sports writer with the Denver Post and was following the Denver Nuggets, who were playing the Timberwolves Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, our office doesn’t have weekend hours, so I wasn’t able to introduce him around to the team, but we did meet for dinner on Sunday night (after the Timberwolves had pummeled the Nuggets!) and had a great meal and conversation.

Needless to say, put two journalists at a table together, and the evening consists of questions being hurled back and forth at near-lightening speeds. I found out some really interesting things about what Chris’s job entails: By the time March has ended, Chris will have traveled 22 days out the month, which sounds both exciting and exhausting! And, did you know that sports writers actually writer their entire stories right there at the game? It just never occurred to me.

Anyway, I had a blast meeting Melissa and Chris, and hope that I get a chance to hang out with them again soon. And, for our other two ambassadors, Michael and Lauren, take note: Now it’s your turn to hit the Land of 10,000 Lakes!