Love wraps? Want to make them healthier? Try this.

Laine Bergeson offers a creative and nutritious wrap substitute for anyone who’s cutting back on carbs, corn, or gluten — or eliminating them altogether.

Find the recipe for these Dolmades With Collard Greens — a Greek-inspired appetizer — in “Celebrate! A Holiday Party Menu.”

Like wraps? Avoiding carbs, corn, or gluten? Wrap your dinner in a collard green.

Raw collard greens are sturdy, hold everything without breaking, and are insanely good for you. Eat some collard greens and increase your phytonutrient intake by one-million percent. OK, I’m exaggerating — but not by much. Here are just some of the things I’ve wrapped in this cruciferous vegetable:

  • Egg scramble
  • Tofu scramble
  • A bison burger
  • A grass-fed hamburger
  • A spicy chicken sausage
  • Keema (a ground lamb dish with Indian spices)
  • Pumpkin pancakes and dark chocolate (weird, I know, but oddly edible)

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Laine Bergeson is an Experience Life senior editor. 

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