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You can do it when you are ready

I sent this story in before this blog began. I just wanted to share with others my journey over the last year. I do not share the story to get praise or pats on the back. I actually feel if you have been blessed you should pass those blessing on the others. I was encouraged and I want to encourage others. Okay I will try to be brief, but that is not my style?

Last year I hit a low for health in my life (57 years old). I saw a doctor and was told you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I was 360 pounds plus, and I just felt bad, sore and tired all the time, no energy. People had tried to encourage me to do something for a while but nothing worked until I hit bottom and finally decided MYSELF to do something.

I think that is the key, you have to want to do it and then you can use all the encouragement you can get and that is one thing that has been special at Life Time. The employees are all very good, but the other members of our club seem to all encourage each other and that does help. I know some people go to classes and some use trainers, I have my own way to do it

I have trained with Mr. Universe (all natural) many years ago so I know what to do; I had just stopped doing it. I got in shape to get married, and promptly let my self get out of shape. A bad back, a knee surgery, before long I had gone 5 years without doing anything but eat and complain, moan and groan about it and I was probably headed to an early grave too!

I joined Life Time the last day of June 2011 and as of February 2012 my life has been completely changed. Last December I had to have surgery, it was a tough surgery but I was already down 95 pounds and even though I had complications and set backs, I can not imagine how it would have been if I had not lost the weight before the surgery and I lost more after surgery?

My way of working out may not be of interest and I am sure it would not work for everyone. I started out slow. Maybe 30-45 minutes on a bike and a little lifting weights, and then I thought swim maybe too? Well, I swam one lap and was done the first day, but prior to surgery I was up to one hour of swimming at the end of my work out, at least a miles non stop with a snorkel. WOW, it got easy!

Well again, people may not have the time or want to do what I did but prior to swimming each day (Mon-Sat) I was up to 30 minutes on the bike, and hour of weight lifting, and 30 minutes on the treadmill, then swim. Mon-Fri for sure and most Saturdays too. Well, after surgery I had a few complications as I said and I am now steadily getting back to my 3 hour plus work out.

By the way, I prefer working out at 4 in the morning (24 hour Life Time!), I get through 7:30 go to work with a great start to my day feeling good. Anyway back to the story while recovering from surgery I could not swim, but I still did other things until one day I had a bad fall. Why, no one had checked my medications? I had now lost 120 pounds, but had the same medications!

So in January of this year the doctors checked me out again. I am very happy and glad to report they took me off all medications, No more diabetes, no more high blood pressure, cholesterol 330 down to 200 weight 360 down to 235, and best of all, my energy level is off the charts. I can’t tell enough people, I want to share these blessings, and I thank Lifetime Fitness for being there!

It is not easy to change your life, but IF and WHEN you decide to do it, you CAN do it! One step at a time, but you have to take that step. Then look for and let people encourage you and then encourage other people. I won’t go back to my old life I am now having the time of my life!