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SPECIAL OFFER: Lauren Zander’s Design Your Life Program for 20% off!

Sign up and receive 20 percent off of Lauren Zander’s groudbreaking video coaching program.

Are you ready to give your life a makeover? Are you stuck in a rut and want to get out? Are you ready to go after what you most dearly want in your life? Or to finally figure out what exactly you want out of our your life?

In Design Your Life, trained Handel Group coaches will teach how to remove the most frequent obstacles people face. You will be inspired by their personal tales of creating their dreams, challenging their mental voices and, ultimately, building the power to take control of their lives.

The six-session course includes:

  • Session 1: It’s All About YOU
  • Session 2: Obstacles and Solutions
  • Session 3: Managing Your Mind — I
  • Session 4: Managing Your Mind — II
  • Session 5: Evolving You
  • Session 6: The Truth
  • Session 7: Your Road Map

Visit the Handel Group website to learn more about the program and to sign up to be notified when it launches. As a thank you, you’ll receive a 20 percent discount on the program for up to 90 days after the launch. Don’t miss out!

Visit http://handelgroup.com/coaching/promotional-page for full details.

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