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Our Favorites: April 2013 Nutrition Products (Slideshow)

Check out the healthy eating products that are on our radar right now.

  • Zing water bottles

    Taste Upgrade

    These glass and metal bottles from Zing Anything let you infuse water with real whole foods, not “flavorings.” Enjoy your water with the fresh taste of lemons, cucumbers or mint. $26 at www.zinganything.com.

  • Vitamix Elite


    The “Creations Elite” is a new and evolved model of the already-amazing Vitamix blender, with a variable speed dial so you can fine-tune your textures. Cleaning is as simple as adding a drop of dish soap and water to the BPA-free jar and giving it a quick buzz. About $558 from www.vitamix.com. Visit our giveaway page to enter to win a Vitamix 5200.

  • Raw Power

    Raw Power

    Rawjuvenate contains a host of raw super greens like spinach and wheat grass, all processed at low temperatures to maintain
    maximum nutrients. Just right for adding plant power to smoothies, and also dandy straight-up with water (just shake to mix, and slug it back). $60 from www.rawgreenorganics.com.

  • Lighten Up

    Lighten Up

    Looking to make your dinners more vegetable-centric? Jeanne Kelley’s inspired Salad for Dinner (Rizzoli, 2012) contains a slew of delicious recipes, from kale with lemon to Korean barbecue beef salad. About $24 from Amazon.

  • Steamy Scene

    Steamy Scene

    Traditionally used to heat Chinese dim sum, these simple bamboo steamer baskets are excellent for steaming several kinds of vegetables at once. Place them in or over a shallow pan of water, or stack inside a wok or stock pot. About $20 for a 10-inch set from www.casa.com.

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