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LINK LOVE: Top Workout Tunes, Susan Cain, Labeling Laws and More

We’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this week.

GWelcome back to LINK LOVE! Every Friday, we highlight some of the most interesting healthy-living tidbits we’ve gathered from around the Web, and this week we’ve found a ton of great ones. We cover fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and health and wellness — and some “just-for-fun” stuff, too! Come across something you think we’d love? Tweet it at us, post it to our Facebook page or email us at experiencelife@experiencelife.com with the subject “LINK LOVE.”

This week we’ve pulled together some inspiring information from Greatist, Truthout, and Clementine Daily. Enjoy!



Spotify Announces the 10 Most Popular Workout Songs of the Year

Workout Music

Greatist lists out Spotify’s announcement of the top 10 most popular workout songs for the year in the U.S. #1? “The Monster” by Eminem. What are some of your favorite workout tunes? 










More on Music and Exercise: Music=Motivation, Music Makes a Difference When Working Out




Free Online Event: en*theos presents “The Calorie Myth” with Jonathan Bailor


The Calorie Myth

Registration is now open for entheos’s The Calorie Myth Conference, hosted by Jonathan Bailor. Discover how to eat more, exercise less, lose weight, and live better by learning the new science of eating and exercise. Don’t miss Experience Life‘s founding editor, Pilar Gerasimo, talk about revolutionary ways to live.











More on Eating: Ten Acts of Healthy Rebellion, View to a Fridge





Legal Experts Reject Food Industry Claims That GMO Labeling Laws Are Unconstitutional



Get the latest news here from Truthout about the GMO labeling debate.









More on GMOs and Labels: How Healthy People Decode Labels, Kathie Swift MS, RD, Shares Her Food Label Wishlist





The Art of Getting Along With Our Opposites



Clementine Daily highly recommends Susan Cain’s book Quiet. Read this for their favorite takeaways, and don’t miss our article below on Cain’s book!










More on Personalities: Your Fitness Personality, Inside the Enneagram, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
Images from: Clementine Daily, en*theos, Greatist and Truthout

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