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Experience Life to create healthy anarchy in the UK!

Our award-wininng magazine is now available at WHSmith locations.


The Experience Life team is excited to announce we’re taking our award-winning journalism across the pond, making the United Kingdom the magazine’s second international newsstand location.

With the release of the March 2014 “Be a Rebel” issue featuring yogi Sadie Nardini, Experience Life is available on newsstands at many WHSmith stores. WHSmith has over 1,200 locations, from standalone stores to those at airports, train stations, hospitals, and motorway services. It is one of the UK’s leading retail groups.

Experience Life, the whole-life health and fitness magazine, helps readers make and sustain healthy-way-of-life choices. Since 2001, Experience Life has provided transformative, in-depth information — no gimmicks or quick fixes — to help people reach their healthy-living goals.

With a current base circulation rate of 700,000, the magazine has been available by subscription and on newsstands across the United States, and more recently Canada.

Experience Life is available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Harris Teeter, and better newsstands nationwide.

You can use our handy newsstand locator to find Experience Life in your neighborhood. Or, you can have the magazine delivered to your door or digital reading device via subscription.

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