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Don’t Stop Taking Your Vitamins

A new study on vitamins might not give you the whole story.

“Vitamins can kill you!” That’s the latest media-hyped headline that’s been making the rounds on the Internet — and it’s one you may want to view with a jaundiced eye. The reports are based on a new study, published in Archives of Internal Medicine, that found that older women who take vitamins may have a slightly higher risk of premature death than those who do not.

But, don’t throw your vitamins away just yet, says Mark Hyman, MD, medical director and founder of The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Mass., and the author of several best-selling health books. “Every American needs a good quality multivitamin, vitamin D and omega-3 fat supplement,” Hyman writes in a recent blog, pointing to the “overwhelming body of research that proves Americans are nutrient deficient as a whole, and that nutritional supplements can have significant impact in disease prevention and health promotion.”

Hyman also points out that this specific study on vitamins is flawed in several ways (e.g., the women who took vitamins were also more likely to use hormone replacement therapy than those that were vitamin-free). For more detail on the study’s flaws — as well as why we all need vitamins — take a closer look at Hyman’s blog.

2 Comment to Don’t Stop Taking Your Vitamins

  • mrhjdez says:

    Our controlled media thrives on sensation, no mater what the truth may be.

    Dr Abram Hoffer over his life time developed vitamin therapies to cure and control over 90% of his schizophrenia patients, while conventional medicine is lucky to cure a mere 3% after extended hospitalization.

    William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D did the same in the 1940’s 50’s used vitamin therapies for his arthritic Patients getting them out of beds and wheel chairs, back to active lives.

    There are hundreds of Doctors all over the world working alone, unsupported using nutrient and vitamin therapies to cure and control mans ills, ignored by the media and conventional medicine.

  • Becca/BreakingMuscle.com says:

    I completely agree! I have been a coach for a number of years now and I tell all my students to take fish oil, vitamin D, and magnesium. Pretty much everybody can use those!

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