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2011 in Review: Our 11 Most-Read Articles

Find out which articles have captured our readers’ attention the most.

This year we’ve published some wildly popular articles — everything from the misconceptions around saturated fat to the failings of popular prescription medication to getting the most out of your life. Some articles from our archives have experienced a resurgence of readership as well. Just in case you’ve missed any of them along the way, here’s a countdown of our most-read articles of 2011.

11. Don’t Miss Your Life (July/August 2011): Author and work-life-balance expert Joe Robinson offers practical tips on creating more joy in your life.

10. Glutathione: The Great Protector (April 2011): Find out why this little-known antioxidant is key to fighting toxicity and premature aging — and warding off chronic disease.

9. A Path Out of Depression (May 2011): How adopting “hunter-gatherer” habits can help treat depression naturally.

8. The UltraSimple Slimdown (July/August 2010): Dr. Mark Hyman shares the seven-day program he uses to help thousands improve their health, drop unwanted pounds and transform their eating habits for good.

7. Tangled Up in Food (January/February 2011): How to identify — and put an end to — five problem-eating patterns.

6. 3 Simple Shifts (March 2011): Three small changes to your diet that can make a big difference.

5. Good Food, Fast (December 2009): Advice from five whole-foods chefs on how to make quick and healthy meals.

4. A Big Fat Mistake (June 2011): Why refined carbs pose a greater threat of heart disease than saturated fat.

3. The Other Drug Problem (April 2011): How some commonly prescribed medications may be doing more harm than good.

2. Gluten: The Whole Story (November 2010): The research on gluten-related disorders and their effect on more than just the digestive system.

1. Food Crazy (June 2011): A landmark starvation study from World War II sends an important message for today’s low-calorie dieters: Going hungry is not a winning strategy.

What was your favorite Experience Life article that you read in 2011? (Feel free to leave a comment below.)

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