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Sometimes, the best is yet to be. That's what baby boomer and fashion model Cindy Joseph has discovered as she's grown older and wiser. Here, she shares the lessons she's learned.

Monthly Archives: March 2012

Experience Life Magazine

Choose Your Life Graph

My take on “over the hill” and “peaking” thinking, and why I’m advocating for a different life graph that focuses on joy and pleasure and self-fulfillment.


Experience Life Magazine

Make-Believe Messages On Aging

Hello again! Today’s post is all about embracing and celebrating your own unique self — because you are each amazing and beautiful just as you are. I hope you enjoy it!

PS: I’m still getting the hang of this vlogging thing, so please excuse the choppy intro!


Experience Life Magazine

“Aging Is Living”

Hello dear fans and followers! I apologize for being gone for awhile, but I’m back and so excited to once again be blogging — or in this case VLOGGING — for Experience Life. Let me know what you think of this format (and of my big announcement)!