July - August 2005: Satisfaction

July - August 2005: Satisfaction




Mind Your Manners!

You know the type – those annoying people who talk during yoga class and never wipe down…continued

Overcoming Gym Jitters

Don't let intimidation and insecurity keep you from enjoying your in-club workouts. …continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor


One morning a couple of weeks back, I was running by a big plate-glass window in my…continued


Seeking Comfort

For most of us, comfort food translates to heavy, fattening, regret-it-later fare. An…continued


Give a Little, Gain a Lot

Lending a helping hand can lift both body and soul, but which cause is right for you?…continued


The Taste of Contentment

That supersized meal may leave you stuffed, but are you satisfied? Nutrition experts dish…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

Sizing Up Satisfaction

This issue's Satisfaction theme immediately brought to mind my favorite film, Fiddler on…continued


Great Grains

Did you give up on grains entirely when you cut down on carbs? Or are you a white-bread…continued


Building a Better Body Image

Neurotic about your body? For your kids' sake, deal with it. The body burdens of parents…continued

How I'm Doing It

Turnaround Time

For years, Amy Whittle threw herself into running the family business. But when her health…continued


The Evolution of Triathlon

What do superathletes, fit kids and the physically challenged have in common?…continued


Feeling Groovy: A Fitness Primer

Why settle for ho-hum workouts when real inspiration and satisfaction are within reach?…continued

Head Out

Hiking on the Fly

Short on time doesn't have to mean short on distance. Pick up the pace, cover more ground…continued

Full Speed

Not Going the Distance

Falling short of the finish line can be frustrating. But the only real defeat lies in…continued


Happy Lessons

Tired of feeling blue, or just so-so? Positive psychology pioneer Martin Seligman, PhD,…continued