January - February 2006: Choose to be Healthy

January - February 2006: Choose to be Healthy




Resolutions Workshop 2006

Gearing up to write another mega-list of ways to make yourself better? Don't! Instead,…continued


See It, Believe It

Imagine if everything went the way you wanted: your workouts, your relationships, your…continued


Your Time, Your Type

Your to-do list is driven by your priorities. But the way you work through that list is…continued

Fitness Fixes

Sore Winner

You worked hard - and now you're feeling the hurt. Time to get wise about delayed onset…continued

Head Out

Olympic Thrills

You may not make it to the Games in Italy this winter, but there's no reason you can't…continued

Form & Function

Learning the Easy Way

Working with a personal trainer or an exercise Instructor is a great way to boost your…continued


Active Planning

The success of your fitness goals depends, in large part, on the soundness of your fitness…continued



The Way of the Healthy Person

Good health, at core, is less a destination than life-enhancing journey. But if there is…continued


Fat Chance

Until recently, consumers had no way of knowing precisely how much trans fat lurked in…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

In Praise of Picky Eating

You know that restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally? No, not that scene. I mean the…continued

How I'm Doing It


Firm Resolve

It took years, and more than one medical scare, for LaDawn Riggs to move beyond good…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

Choosing to Choose

There’s a biology term - “circular mill” - that describes how a group of army ants,…continued



The Responsible Roast

Turned off by the ugliness of agribusiness meat production? A few wise, family-owned farms…continued