December 2007: Healthy Perspectives

December 2007: Healthy Perspectives




Poor Substitutes

Low-calorie food replacements have promised to make our weight-loss dreams come true, but…continued

Form & Function

Chart a Course to Fitness

Mapping out the peaks and valleys of your workout program will help you achieve better…continued

Inspired Kitchen


Nutritious and naturally sweet, these tropical tubers make a terrific addition to any…continued

Fitness Fixes

How to Hydrate

Too much? Too little? What to drink and when? Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be…continued


Raise Your Food Consciousness

Feeling confused about what to eat? Unsure about which foods are safest, best for you and…continued


A Study in Confusion

For years, sophisticated consumers have relied on the latest clinical trials to guide…continued



An Adventure in Spices

Caught in a bland culinary rut Chef and author Floyd Cardoz’s spicy perspectives…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

View to a Fridge

Show me your refrigerator and I’ll tell you who you are - or at least, who you think…continued

Head Out

Pulling Together

Escape with your dog to snowy climes this winter and discover the fast-paced and…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

The Power of Perspective

This year, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer.…continued


When Something’s Gotta Give

How do you choose between all the good things going on in your life? By clarifying your…continued


Learning to Sit Still

Whether you're at home or the office, whether you have five minutes or 20, you can…continued

On the Cover


Health and Justice for All: Van Jones

Van Jones works to bring a clean environment and a healthy way of life to the urban poor.…continued


Live Better With Less

If you think the road to satisfaction is paved with material wealth, author Bill KcKibben…continued

How I'm Doing It

Marathon Woman

After years of weight struggles, a newfound love of running helped Terrince Thomas take…continued

Full Speed

High-Performance Vision

Improving your visual skills — and acuity — can give you an edge in virtually any…continued