December 2006: Celebrate!

December 2006: Celebrate!




To the Best of Our Ability

From wheelchair marathoners and amputee cyclists to powerfully competitive quadriplegic…continued

Inspired Kitchen

Winter Squash

Celebrate winter with the warm aroma and rich flavor of these nutritional powerhouses.…continued

How I'm Doing It

Vitality for Two

Committing to fitness helped Randall Pledger restore balance and mobility that Parkinson's…continued


Celebrate Your Fitness Success

Before you rush into setting health and fitness goals for the year ahead, stop and…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Virtue’s Rewards

Do the right thing. Seek and ye shall find. There is no try, there is only do.…continued


The Food-Mood Connection

Yes, your eating habits play a big role in determining your disease risks. But did you…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

Counting Wins – and Losses

Reflecting on the year past, looking at notable accomplishments and things to celebrate, I…continued

Head Out

Sacred Roads

Looking for an adventure of a higher order? A pilgrimage can challenge your stamina while…continued


The Urge to Splurge

Emotion-induced shopping may seem harmless, but letting your feelings take over your…continued


Centering Lessons (Part 2)

Author Matthew Sanford shares more secrets for reuniting body and mind.…continued


Get Grateful

Boost your health, hope and happiness with a powerful dose of gratitude.…continued

Form & Function

Kick & Glide

Cross-country skiing lets you take in the beauty of winter while getting an extraordinary…continued

Fitness Fixes

Loosening Tight Strings

Tight hamstrings can limit your freedom of movement and increase your risk of injury.…continued


Health: The New Sex Symbol

From the biological basis for attraction to the underpinnings of head-turning good looks -…continued

Full Speed

Taking It to the Next Level

Fitness coaching options for every ambition.…continued


Feed Your Friends

Whether you're entertaining dozens or planning an intimate celebration for a few of your…continued