December 2005: Our Very Best

December 2005: Our Very Best




Fork in the Road

Wake up and smell the statistics. America's eating has gone bonkers, and it's up to us to…continued

Form & Function

Periodization: The Art of Fitness Timing

Are you going through the motions and settling for so-so results? Maybe you need a master…continued


Cholesterol Myths

Cholesterol may be the most vilified -- and misunderstood -- nutrient in our food. Here's…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Getting to Yes

Four years ago, I got a call that changed my life. It was an invitation to edit this…continued


Life in the Fit Lane

Are you using your body for real - or going through the motions of working out with no…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

Personal Best

Back when I was in college, my schoolwork came pretty easily to me, and like most young…continued


Power Aging

Who says you can't get better with age? All you need is a little foresight, the right…continued



The first and last moments of your day can steady or destabilize everything that comes in…continued


The Power of Language

What if every word you uttered came true instantly? What if you were required to follow…continued

On the Cover


Better With Age: Cindy Joseph

Sometimes, the best is yet to be. That's what baby boomer and 54-year-old fashion model…continued


Putting Stock in Your Values

Ever worry that your investments in certain stocks and mutual funds aren't meshing with…continued


Grant Yourself Immunity

Your body's rapid-response defenses protect you from millions of would-be invaders daily.…continued


The Big 10

Well, we've done it. We've corralled massive piles of health and fitness information from…continued


Life of the Party

The perfect dish for your holiday event? Nutritious, tasty, satisfying nuts.…continued

How I'm Doing It

A Weighted Lift

Personal discipline, combined with professional guidance and encouragement, empowered…continued