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Changing The Female Brain to Change The Female Body Experience



What amazes me supporting women in their natural healing work to restore better function in their body, and come into a better relationship with their body, is how much as women we allow our minds to not trust our bodies.

When we’re coaching & supporting our E3 Energy Evolved members, sometimes I am so sad to read the emails from some of our members about how much they worry, question or criticize their own healing potential just as a natural way of how they think, when I know from experience how much more their bodies DESIRE to do for them in both healing & fat loss, but we allow our minds to sit in these negative blocked places.

Why as women do we allow our brains to constantly second guess, criticize, berate, talk negatively too, or create thoughts of mistrust in our bodies?

How do you think that is serving your goals of changing your body, because it’s not? It’s limiting your natural health and fat loss results, how you talk to your body with your mind.

Why is it that women as a gender and societal way of being and thinking we naturally knee-jerk into this most likely more than men, and who do you think has the power to reverse that trend for our daughters, and generations to come? (Hint: you’re reading this right now.)

What do you think would be possible if you committed to only speaking kind, caring, loving, limitless potential, trusting, belief-based thoughts to your body daily for even just 30 days?

Whether it’s a day I step onto a natural healing change program with my body, or the day I step onto a natural body transformation path as a competitive athlete, my MIND IS ALL IN to where I’m headed, & it 100% TRUSTS MY BODY.

Women, you want better results from your body? Start by assessing where you allow your mind to go each day about your body. Work towards questioning your body less & believing in your body more. Because your body hears EVERYTHING your mind says.

So please do this… MENTALLY DUMP all the thoughts your brain keeps saying to your body in the share box below…. let’s get real.

What are some of the “negative thoughts” that spin in your mind about your body, that are holding you back?

Dump them below, then choose a POSITIVE thought you commit to putting in its place for the next week, so you can give your body the permission & trust it needs to change & do its best work for you & stop blocking it with your mind.

Heather Dubé is a Natural Metabolic Recovery & Conditioning Specialists and one of the creators of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System |