Pilar Gerasimo

Big Stretch

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From Tibet, With Love

Editor in chief Pilar Gerasimo shares insights from her life-changing trip to a Tibetan…continued

Powerful Choices

Editor in chief Pilar Gerasimo on holistic strength and pushing your limits. …continued

Balance Schmalance

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Word to the Wise

We dedicate this issue of Experience Life to the spirit of learning and growing.…continued

A Strong, Flexible Bond

Pilar Gerasimo shares her perspectives on the ever-changing roles in fitness-buddy…continued

Clutter’s Continuity

Pilar Gerasimo on keeping up with life’s day-to-day clutter.…continued

The Pursuit of Healthiness

None of the positive changes we hope to make as a society can be sustained without the…continued


The Way of the Healthy Person

Good health, at core, is less a destination than life-enhancing journey. But if there is…continued

Lines of Inquiry

The questions we ask can lead us down paths of discovery and delight, or down corridors of…continued

3 Spaces to Declutter Now

Not ready to take on the whole house? Just making forays into this trio of high-impact…continued

Emotional Biochemistry

Like it or not, emotions share some very real biochemical links with your nervous,…continued


The first and last moments of your day can steady or destabilize everything that comes in…continued