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Pilar Gerasimo: Revolutionary

Pilar Gerasimo: Revolutionary

Experience Life’s visionary founding editor talks about the art of healthy…continued


Pepsi to introduce sodas “made with real sugar”

The new line of sodas, expected in Regular, Vanilla and Wild Cherry flavors, will be…continued


Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer and heart disease, studies show

The studies, which looked at data on more than one million people, confirmed previously…continued

Report: FDA loophole allows companies to determine safety of new chemicals in foods

The Natural Resources Defense Council says a loophole in a 1958 law allows food…continued


How to protect yourself from harmful air pollutants

Air pollution is now considered the world’s largest environmental health risk, taking…continued


Obesity and the Brain: How Exercise May Help Combat Cognitive Decline

New research on mice provides clues to how excess body fat harms the human brain — and…continued

Growing Healthy Kids: Dunbar Elementary School in Atlanta

Compassion is a cornerstone of education at Atlanta's Dunbar Elementary School, a partner…continued

Dikembe Mutombo: The Giver

Dikembe Mutombo: The Giver

Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo talks about reaching out to connect with your community…continued


What makes a “Shamrock Shake” green?

We take a look at the artificial food dyes that give St. Patrick's Day-themed treats their…continued


Childhood obesity reportedly decreasing, though why is not clear

The obesity rate among 2- to 5-year-olds has dropped, according to a federal report —…continued

food labels

Nutrition labels get a long-awaited makeover

The FDA's proposed changes — the first in 20 years — focus on calories, sugar, and…continued

Sadie Nardini: Rebel Yogi

Sadie Nardini: Rebel Yogi

This self-proclaimed “punk rock yogi” talks about life, death, chocolate, ninjas —…continued


Sugar — not fat — increases risk of heart disease death, new study finds

New research adds to growing evidence that sugar is connected to numerous health woes,…continued

Subway gets rid of plastic in bread

Subway to remove chemical found in foamed plastics from sandwich bread

Azodicarbonamide is used by some U.S. grocery stores and restaurants to whiten dough and…continued


CVS kicking tobacco habit, ending product sales by end of 2014

The pharmacy chain's announcement this week reignited the smoking discussion. Read on for…continued

GMO labeling

Should GMO food labeling be law — or voluntary?

Maine makes headlines as it became the second state to require labeling of genetically…continued


General Mills dumps GMOs from original Cheerios

Original Cheerios are now GMO-free, but other popular varieties of the cereal, such as…continued

New study compares organic and conventional milk.

Study: Organic milk contains more heart-healthy fatty acids

For people who drink milk, full-fat and organic may be a healthier option than…continued

Vitamin D Supplements

New report questions vitamin D supplementation

Researchers in France claim that low vitamin D levels are an effect — not a cause — of…continued

Triclosan to be Reviewed by the FDA

Triclosan to be reviewed by FDA

The FDA is being forced to look at the safety and effectiveness of triclosan -- a common…continued

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