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Research shows that overconsuming sweetened foods leads to more intense cravings for them.

Federal Soda Tax Legislation introduced into Congress

If passed, the new bill would require a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks.…continued


Congress Considers Legislation to Ban BPA in Storage Containers

The new bill would ban the use of BPA in food and beverage containers.…continued


Notables: July/August 2014

News, notes, and our top takeaways from the latest issue of Experience Life.…continued

Skinless Project Vlog: Triathlon Diary

The Skinless Project founder Maaria Mozaffar shares her thoughts on training for a…continued

Simple Meals for Non-Cooks: Pan-Seared Salmon and Bok Choy

A cast-iron pan is a handy tool for cooking up quick, easy, healthy meals of all kinds.…continued


Do Away with BPA

Despite its negative health effects, BPA is still found in too many of the common items we…continued

Taking Notes: Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Great tips for creating more mindful workplaces from Google, Medium, Zappos and meditation…continued

Adult S8R

Adult Sk8r

Skateboarding isn't just for rebel teens. EL's Heidi Wachter drops in at her…continued

Simple Meals for Non-Cooks

Some sample recipes from Heidi Wachter's continued foray into cooking for non-cooks.…continued

Symptom Checker

Heidi Wachter is a health-issue self-diagnoser — and she's not alone. Are you one too? …continued

What Would a Shepherd Tweet?

Social media shows that a shepherd and a social media manager have a lot more in common…continued

Big Band, Bad Diets

What do you and I have in common with the legendary, Duke Ellington? A lot more than a…continued

little library

Random Acts of Reading

Want to improve your cognitive health and do something revolutionary at the same time?…continued

A Matter of Life and Breath

The trick is to keep breathing.…continued

The Color of Mindfulness

Community Engagement Specialist, Heidi Wachter finally got around to that mindful…continued

Sharp Shooter: An Outdoor Photography Adventure

Sharp Shooter: An Outdoor Photography Adventure

Experience Life's social-media specialist, Heidi Wachter, embarks on a…continued

Detox Diary

Detox Diary

Intrepid staffer Heidi Wachter completes her first detox diet, and shares the ups, downs…continued

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