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3. Rage Against the Machine

Use your healthy frustration about unhealthy status quos to spark creativity and…continued

2. Buck Trends

Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s smart or good for you. Enlist fellow…continued

1. Defy Convention

Do the healthy thing, even when it’s challenging, inconvenient, or considered weird.…continued

Well, That’s Different…

Pilar Gerasimo on being as bold and “different” as you wanna be. …continued

Fun With Detox!

Pilar Gerasimo on how clearing things out — your diet, your home, your heart — can…continued

The Art of Unfolding

Pilar Gerasimo on why the act of imagining and dreaming big is transformative and…continued

The Case of the Lost Laptop

Editor in Chief Pilar Gerasimo on how screwing up can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.…continued

Refine Your Life

How editor in chief Pilar Gerasimo began looking at obstacles as invitations to grow and…continued

Ten Acts of Healthy Rebellion

Pilar Gerasimo shares her top-10 list from the “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy.”…continued


Your Body, Reframed

Your body is changing for the better. But is your brain on board? A cognitive psychologist…continued

What’s Your Plan?

At several points in our lifetimes, most of us wind up pondering what the heck we are…continued

Refill, Please!

An alarming convergence of overlapping Gantt charts, my life suddenly looks like it’s…continued

Happy Endings

In the rush and muddle of our daily lives, though, we sometimes neglect to appreciate how…continued

A Meditation on Nothing

There’s something about the promise of variety, novelty and sheer quantity that appeals…continued

The Ways of the Worried Well

These days, frankly, if you’re not at least a little concerned about your health,…continued

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin P?

Even small doses of pleasure can raise our levels of immune-boosting chemicals.…continued

How Renewable Is Your Energy?

Until we better master the art of cultivating renewable, sustainable health and vitality…continued

Practicing Change

We all have counterproductive reflexes and unconscious beliefs that stand in our way. It…continued

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