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Yes, You Can Do a 5K

No matter your current fitness level, completing a 5K is both doable and fun. Here’s how…continued


The Inside Tri

Indoor triathlons are the perfect preseason prep for veteran triathletes, a great way…continued

Go, Team!

Participating in an athletic event as a family—from a fun-run 5K to a full-on Olympic…continued

Performance Yoga

Practicing yoga can support your athletic pursuits, and even increase your longevity as…continued

10 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid

You can learn a lot from mistakes - but they don’t have to be your own! Here’s how…continued

High-Performance Vision

Improving your visual skills — and acuity — can give you an edge in virtually any…continued

On the Comeback Trail

Despite intense preparation and a maximum effort, your competitive season didn't go as…continued

New Start, Strong Finish

This year's Life Time Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis saw the world's top professional…continued


A Better Birth

Medical interventions have their place. But simpler, healthier birthing options abound —…continued

Tri Around the World

Thanks to its quirky, catchy, semi-addictive personality, triathlon is conquering the…continued

Strategic Advantage

Proper pre-race planning and good race strategies can help you get to the finish line…continued

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Routines – even healthy ones – have a way of becoming, well, routine. Here's how to…continued

Competing for a Cause

Looking for athletic inspiration that serves a higher purpose and delivers a higher level…continued

Where Fitness Fits In

In the context of other life priorities – such as career and family – sometimes our…continued

Taking It to the Next Level

Fitness coaching options for every ambition.…continued

LTF Triathlon Report: Try, Tri Again

Hunter Kemper claims victory at last in the face of tough competition – and even…continued

National LTF Triathlon Series Begins

Life Time Fitness (LTF) kicked off the Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series with the 2006…continued

Triathlon Transformations

You're making your move toward greater fitness, so why not do it in a big way? Discover…continued

Carbo-Loading Lessons

Oodles of noodles aren't the only secret to successful pre-race fueling. Here's a closer…continued

Equipment Upgrade

Sure, it's possible to do a triathlon while wearing tennis sneakers and pedaling a junker…continued

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