Jamie Martin (@jamielmartin)

DIY: Homemade All-Natural Bronzer

Jamie Martin is enjoying a healthy summer glow with this homemade bronzer made of spices. …continued

Goodbye, Velo

Jamie Martin on the unexpected depth of grief she's facing at the loss of her family's…continued

Secrets of Sustainable Weight Loss

Senior editor Laine Bergeson shares three of her top takeaways from Jonathan Bailor's…continued

A Simpler, Cleaner Makeup Regimen

Jamie Martin has been cleaning up her makeup supply. She shares her favorite clean line…continued


BuzzFeed’s Photoshop Experiment Inspires Retouching Transparency

Hear from Experience Life's creative director Lydia Anderson on how she…continued

5,000 Kettlebell Swings

Why Jamie Martin is challenging herself to do 5,000 kettlebell swings by March 1st.…continued

Healing Trials for Winter Feet

Casie Leigh Lukes on healing practices to bring her feet back to health.…continued

Beautiful Girl: A Book for My Daughter

Digital initiatives director Jamie Martin shares a book aimed at encouraging healthy body…continued

Confessions of a (Former) FitBit Failure

Jamie Martin is determined to move more in 2014 — and she's using her wearable fitness…continued

Kettlebell Cardio in 10 minutes

A quick kettlebell workout for the time-crunched that will get your heart rate up and…continued

A New Appreciation for Social Media

How a family member's scary health diagnosis has given Jamie Martin a new sense of purpose…continued

Behind the Scenes: Iron Chef

Designer and Photographer Stephanie Glaros takes you behind the scenes of the "Iron Chef"…continued

Health Is Not a Given

Jamie Martin on being grateful for your health everyday. …continued

Looking to the Future … for My Daughters

Jamie Martin on why she wants more studies on the HPV vaccine and its effects on…continued

When All Else Fails … Do Suitcase Deadlifts!

A strength/cardio circuit that's great for time-crunched folks who just need to squeeze…continued

The JJ5K, Walking in Hopes of Stomping Out Cystic Fibrosis

Office Manager Brandi Bongers on walking a 5k for a cause and her goal to run a 5k by the…continued

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