Jacquelyn Fletcher

How to Battle Your Inner Critic and Win

How one woman’s weight struggle inspired her to confront her limiting thoughts - and…continued

Good Medicine

Elizabeth Jekot has battled breast cancer as both a doctor and patient. Now, her self-care…continued

Back on Track

Back pain prevented Jon Skare from enjoying life - until two focused workouts a week…continued

Getting Hip

A prematurely arthritic hip cramped Jennifer Rottenberg's lifestyle. But advancements in…continued

The Family That Plays Together

Scott and Jennifer Nelson are staying fit, busting gender stereotypes and raising three…continued

Civil Unions

Why are we so rude to our spouses, yet courteous, kind and patient with complete…continued

Turnaround Time

For years, Amy Whittle threw herself into running the family business. But when her health…continued

Shape Shifter

How Sandra Carey reclaimed her health and fitness, her career - and her peace of mind.…continued

Center Stage

Singer, songwriter and mother of three, Stephanie Varone knows the value of setting goals…continued

Stride Right

By getting outdoors - and getting smarter about health and fitness - Ron Fletcher changed…continued

Recipe for Success

Eating healthy and getting enough exercise seemed like a tall order for Chef Michael…continued

Hitting the Road

How setting goals, believing in herself and thinking long term turned Julie Bell into the…continued

Strong and Steady

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, Brandon Fossey finally took back his life with a series…continued

She Scores!

How Char Miller reached her goals, on and off the ice.…continued

The Mind of a Winner

Dottie Lessard-O'Connor had a double lung transplant and a kidney transplant - and she's…continued

Healthy for the Long Haul

He runs, he skis, he bikes. He's a racing machine. And, oh yeah, he's 80.…continued

A Changed Man

When Tim Windt decided to improve his body after a knee injuy, he lost fat, gained muscle…continued

Comeback Queen

Injury and illness have set this athlete back now and then, but they haven't broken her…continued

Health Hazards

Terry Enright has battled all of the biggies—smoking, drinking and overeating. And he's…continued

Less is More

Until Rob Caringi reduced his body weight by more than half, he never imagined how the…continued

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