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Getting Things Done: “Review”

In this fourth installment of our five-part series with productivity expert David Allen,…continued

Getting Things Done: "Organize"

Getting Things Done: “Organize”

Learn three efficient ways to get and stay organized — from Getting Things Done expert…continued


Getting Things Done: “Process”

Learn from productivity expert David Allen how to organize your to-do lists based on what…continued


True Blood: The Health Benefits of Lab Testing

Direct-to-consumer lab testing gives us a chance to see our biochemical realities more…continued


Letting the Sunshine In: Susan Zemke’s Success Story

How correcting a serious vitamin-D deficiency helped one woman transform her life.…continued


Test Results

Anita Ranhotra tried dozens of diet and exercise programs, but couldn’t maintain a…continued


Taking Charge

For years, Amy Kotch struggled with an eating disorder. Here's how she reclaimed her life…continued


Getting Fit the Playful Way

How Deanna ­Eberlin discovered her passion for a primal way of life - and connected with…continued


Your Attention, Please

What you put your attention on grows. Here’s how to train your focus on what matters.…continued


A Calculated Approach

How heart-rate training helped Kim Fambro reach a level of health and fitness she'd…continued


A Family Plan for Fitness

This couple discovered a smart way to stick to a fitness routine: They got the whole…continued


Paddle Power

Bonnie Kos worried that aging would sap her energy and fitness. Instead, she discovered…continued


From Desperate to Determined

After hitting a health-and-fitness low, Don Zeh started hitting the gym - and discovered a…continued


Professional Liability

All the free food he got at work had Jason Buszta packing on the pounds - until the sudden…continued


Resolutions Workshop 2010: Action!

Looking to reach some major goals this year? These practical, right-now steps can help you…continued


What to Let Go

Hanging on to too much old stuff just because it has “sentimental value” can weigh you…continued


A Centered Approach

Conscious eating and smart relaxation techniques tamed Maya Nelson’s out-of-control…continued


Overcoming Gym Jitters

Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting to the club or enjoying your workouts there.…continued


The Body Project

After years of putting other priorities ahead of her own fitness ideals, Jennifer Zech…continued


Pact Mentality

A good fitness pact can help you (and a friend or two) achieve your health and fitness…continued

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