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The Art of Conversation Podcast (Audio)

Experience Life senior editors discuss what they learned while researching meaningful face-to-face conversation.

Listen in as senior editors Laine Bergeson, Courtney Helgoe and Heidi Wachter discuss the research behind “The Art of the Conversation.” Learn what surprised them and what they’ve found helpful in deepening conversations.

5 Comment to The Art of Conversation Podcast (Audio)

  • MaryJane says:

    HI! Is there some way to save your podcasts to listen to offline later, as in Itunes? Thanks

    • Jocelyn Stone says:

      HI Mary Jane,

      We have plans to move all of our audio and video files to iTunes, but that is still in the works. Please stay tuned!

      The Experience Life team

  • Richard Lemyre says:

    How can I obtain a copy of this article in writing?

    Thank you

    • Jocelyn Stone says:

      Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have written transcripts of our podcasts available at this time. If you would like the print version of “The Art of Conversation” article, you can order a copy of our July/August 2012 issue at 800-897-4056, or you can print the online article.

      The Experience Life team

      • Richard Lemyre says:

        Jocelyn … GREAT! Many thanks … will print it at home.

        Also interested in getting the magazine.


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