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Behind the Scenes at the Kettlebell-Workout Video

Get a sneak peek at our upcoming kettlebell-workout video, featuring coach Fawn Friday and senior editor Laine Bergeson.

Recently, we filmed the instructional demonstration for our upcoming “Kettlebells for Everyone” story, which comes out in the December issue.

Dec13_WO_KBvideo2The coach, Fawn Friday, RKC, was incredibly helpful and clear. I’ve been using kettlebells in my workouts for the past three years, but I learned something new.

Like this trick to mastering the hip hinge, a movement that’s crucial to proper kettlebell-workout form: Use a dowel to make sure you are keeping your back straight, so the work truly comes from the hips and not the lower back, which will just lead to injury. I usually only know my form is suffer after my workout, when my back feels achy. But no more with this trick!

Friday walked us through each exercise and offered helpful suggestions and modifiers for beginners or advanced kettlebell users.


She specializes in kettlebell workouts at her gym in St. Paul, Minn., and shared with us some of her client feedback: No matter how athletic you think you are, kettlebells will give you a run for your money. Even the lighter weights give you quite a workout: Your heart starts racing within a few reps of the kettlebell swing. I can only imagine how intense her classes are! A reverse lunge like this one below is all the more difficult as you brace your core and keep the kettlebell in rack position:


Dec13_WO_KBvideo4_LBFFWatch for our video — shot by the talented Steve Flynn of Good Looking Films, who also shot and edited our two Show Me How videos on Medicine-Ball Slams and the Under-the-Hurdle Drill — when it’s on our site on November 15. And, of course, you won’t want to miss the always delightful Laine Bergeson, a senior editor here at Experience Life, as she learns proper kettlebell form from Friday.